NEON EQUI­TY AG: Chan­ges in the Super­vi­so­ry Board

Frank­furt am Main, July 4, 2023 - NEON EQUI­TY AG (NEON EQUI­TY, ISIN: DE000A3DW408), a foun­der-mana­ged inves­tor and growth enabler, announ­ces that Hans­jörg Plag­ge­mars has resi­gned from his posi­ti­on as Depu­ty Chair­man of the Super­vi­so­ry Board for per­so­nal reasons as of June 30, 2023. NEON EQUI­TY the­r­e­fo­re intends to have Prof. Dr. Karl-Georg Loritz appoin­ted by court as a new mem­ber of the Super­vi­so­ry Board. In the event of the judi­cial appoint­ment, it is plan­ned that Prof. Loritz will be elec­ted as Depu­ty Chair­man at the next sub­se­quent Super­vi­so­ry Board mee­ting. He also plans to stand for elec­tion to the Super­vi­so­ry Board of NEON EQUI­TY at the next Annu­al Gene­ral Mee­ting.

Prof. Loritz is a ful­ly qua­li­fied lawy­er and part­ner in a law and tax con­sul­tancy com­pa­ny in Munich. He has more than three deca­des of expe­ri­ence as a uni­ver­si­ty pro­fes­sor and has lec­tu­red at renow­ned inter­na­tio­nal and natio­nal uni­ver­si­ties, such as the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bay­reuth. He has also been acti­ve an accoun­tant for many years.


NEON EQUI­TY AG invests in ESG com­pli­ant com­pa­nies with high growth oppor­tu­ni­ties in future indus­tries such as AI, mobi­li­ty, nut­ri­ti­on, health and ener­gy and accom­pa­nies them in suc­cessful IPOs. In doing so, NEON EQUI­TY is one of the lea­ding pro­vi­ders in advi­sing IPOs and capi­tal mar­ket tran­sac­tions and con­nects fast-gro­­wing ESG com­pa­nies with inter­na­tio­nal insti­tu­tio­nal inves­tors. NEON EQUI­TY thus pur­sues a sus­tainable and stock mar­ket rele­vant stra­tegy and advi­ses its port­fo­lio part­ners inde­pendent­ly of banks on all capi­tal mar­ket instru­ments.

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